Monday, July 11, 2011

Trip to Fort Benton

On Tuesday we went to Frt Benton. The kids liked Sheep, a dog that waited by the railstation durning World Was II wainting for his master to return home. The master never returned and Sheep died at the railstation. He is kind of the town's local icon.

At the local fire station the kids got to press pennies.

The town also has a great iron bridge.

A perfect picture moment.

Lewis, Clark, and Sacagowa statue over looking the river.

The girls rest for a while.
We found a great playground where the kids took some time to play.

We picked through the fence at the fort and saw TeePees. This was a really fun trip.Posted by Picasa

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Oergel said...

Great series of posts! Bruce and I had such a great time. It was fun to see so much history come alive! Thanks again for everything!