Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Tavein!!

Tavein finally got to celebrate her birthday. Her birthday was Thursday but she got the flu, thanks to Jaxon, so she was sick on her birthday. But that turned out to be okay because she got to celebrate on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Her favorite cake. Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake. 

Nice baby bump.

Blowing out her candles.

Opening presents.
Happy Birthday Tavein!!!
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Taylor's 18th Birthday

November 2,  18 years ago, Taylor was born.

This is the cake Taylor ordered. She wanted the top to be covered with Chocolate shavings.

Taylor and her cake.

Taylor and friends.

Taylor blows out her candles many times, because they are trick candles.

Opening presents with family and friends.

Happy 18th Taylor!!!!
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Road Trip to Helena

Last week-end we took a trip to Helena. Tavein had to return a dress she bought on-line and we wanted to go to Cosco. 
 Jaxon is a very good traveler. 
First stop was Macys.  Jaxon loved shopping. Tavein even found a cute shirt for the season. It was kind of funny that she found it because she had just showed it to me on-line.

Then we headed to the Carousal. 

First ride, Jaxon got to go on a frog. 

Mommy got the brass ring so the next ride he started on the horse,

tried to ride with mommy, 

but mommy was busy trying to get another brass ring.

So, Jaxon joined daddy on the frog again. He loved the carousal. 

When we were leaving he posed for a picture on the rabbit. Mommy got the brass ring again. So next trip to Helena, we will have a free ride on the carousal. 

We ended our trip at the wing place for dinner.
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