Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Jaxon Turns 5 Months

Wow, Jaxon turned 5 months old on April 18th. He is developing a really neat personality.

He is such a good boy.
His favorite activity right now is jumping in his jumper.
Aiden loves to sit and watch him.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Jaxon Laughs

Today Tanealya was playing with Jaxon and his laugh was so cute.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Jared and Tavein are treating us to dance lessons. This is our fourth week. We have joined a group called Fortnightly. They have three formal dress dinner dances, guys must wear tuxes, and one picnic dance at the County Club. Here we are in our finest dress. Don't the guys look great.   
 Even Jaxon got in on the pictures. Taylor stays with him while we are gone. He loves her and she is great with him.
 Tavein looked like Cinderalla. She borrowed her dress from Taylor and her shoes weren't glass slippers but tennis shoes. Everyone at the dance got the biggest kick out of that.
 These are the flowers we received because we were new members. This is a fun group. They even reconized Jared for serving in Afganistan.
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Jaxon's first Easter.

 Asmart hat and outfit,

a basket full of goodies,

 a penguin toy,

 Easter rabbit ears,

First time in his high chair.

A card for Nana.
Giant Easter Eggs.

Aiden and Riley got airplanes.

The weather was great. Not a cloud in the sky today. Riley wasn't feeling good so they didn't come over this year because we didn't want to get Jaxon sick. We took airplanes to the boys and purses to the girls for Easter to their house. Tavein, Jared and Jaxon spent the day with us. 
Here's wishing everyone a Happy  Easter everyone.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday

While at Tracie's house we celebrated our birthday's. We had cake and ice cream, a birthday song and presents. Thanks Tracie for the great cake.
 When we got home Tavein and Jared had us over for dinner and Tavein baked her first cake. It was great. Jaxon celebrated with us. Jerry's store put up a sign wishing him Happy Birthday.
It was a great week of celebrations.

Trip to Spokane

Jared, Tavein and Jaxon joined us on our trip to Spokane. We made a stop at Toys R Us and Jaxon tried out some cars. The police car because mom used to drive one. The corvet, where he was wondering where the cute chick was that should be sitting beside him and of course what car testing would be complete without testing Mader.

Olivia was in awe of Jaxon. We should call her the baby whisperer. She looked after him the whole weekend. Jaxon was fasinated with her antanes. Jaxon loved everyone. Thank you Tracie and Marc for having us.

While there Marc and Jack let Tavein and Jared shoot. Marcus helped by pulling the targets.
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Story Time

Aiden is getting really good at reading. I found him reading a story to Jaxon. 
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Taylor Attends the Prom

Taylor in her formal taking pictures with her family before she heads to the prom. Thanks Taylor for sharing. 
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The weather has been great here. Jaxon's first outing to the great outdoors was so sunny that he needed sunglasses. Jaxon is starting to left himself up. He has also made many new toy friends. He loves his giraffe and Zebra. They go everywhere with him. Family picture take because Jared has to shave his beard tomorrow so he can get ready to go back to work. Our little lepercan has been a rainbow in our lives. 
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February Has Arrived

February came fast. Jaxon is growing so much. He loves to sleep on his stomach at nap time. He has outgrown the bassanet so we got him a pack and play to sleep in. Mom dressed him in the cuties steeler sweats. I do beleive he thinks he is a hug magnet. Of course, I had to take a picture of him wishing mommy and daddy Happy Valentine's Day.

Jaxon made his first road trip to Bozeman to visit Uncle Aaron. They had a great time getting to know each other. Aaron has a ceiling fan and Jaxon found it right away. 

The big event this month was that Daddy got to come home early. The reason for Daddy's return wasn't great. Jared mom had a heart attach just before February 11 which was Jared's birthday. The Red Cross sent him home to be with her for two weeks and then let him come home to his family here. Jared's mom is doing great. This was the first time Jared got to meet and hold his son. Of course it was at 12:45am so Jaxon really didn't know what was happening.

Jared's first time feeding Jaxon. I do think they like each other. Great first family picture of the three of them. Jared is a natural at being a dad. And Jaxon really loves him.
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January Arrived

 New Years Eve we took Jaxon and Tavein out to dinner. Jaxon loved every minute of it. He was fasinated with the lights in the ceiling and all the attention he was getting. Tavein is worried that he has expensive taste.
We bought the kites for over Jaxon's crib because he is so fasinated with the ceiling fans at our house. He just loves anything that is on the ceiling. Jaxon loves to be bundled at night.  He looks like he is in a cacoon. He also loves his Papa.
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Cute Little Man

Jaxon has so many ways of sleeping. I just can't seem to get enough of him. He is such a good little guy. I could hold him all day. This could be why I'm just know (April) catching up with my blog. Oh well babies are only this small for such a short time. So I have let the dusting go and the blog lapse. But I sure am enjoying Jaxon.  
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December at our House

Christmas Programs. Riley played the sax. He is getting quite good. Aiden's Kindergarden program was cute. For some reason his antlers seemed to keep falling into his face.

The house was all decorated. As you can see from the outside pictures we did not have a white christmas this year.

The kid made their annual gingerbread houses. Even Tavein made one for Jaxon.

We had our Christmas Eve party with the kids. It was complete with dinner and old fashion poppers. The kids are wearing the crowns that came out of them. Jared joined us on Skype. And Jaxon experiensed his first reighdeer food toss. 
Christmas morning brought everyone together to open presents. The hit this year was the hats Tracie sent and the Lincoln Lion shirst.

Jaxon really liked the Christmas tree lights and all the decorations.

Of course we had to take some cute pictures of Jaxon for his daddy. He was the best stocking stuffer ever.

Jared joined us by skype. The picture with the three of them is their first official family picture. Thank God for skype. It gave Jared and Jaxon a chance to bond even though he was so far away.
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