Friday, November 25, 2011

Jaxon Has Arrived

Mommy arrives at the hospital and checks in on November 18, 2011 at 7:00am. Contractions get going and I go into distress. This is going to be a long day. Dang I just can't figure out what is happening to me and my mommy. Mommy spend some time talking with my daddy on Skype because he is in the Air Force and has been deployed to Afgahanistan and can't be here in person. But I can hear his voice and feel his love. Boy this is getting harder. The day progresses and I go into stress 2 more times and I hear the Doctor say, "Three strikes and your out." So they tell my mommy that she is going to have a C Section and they loose my daddy.  Nana goes with mommy and me to the operating room where
I make my appearance. Boy this is annoying. Someone is putting cream in my eyes, wiping me down with a wet cloth, putting something very cold on my chest. Hay, where is my mommy? Anyway, this light is nice and warm.
I think I'll show them all the faces I can do. Maybe they will be so impress they will leave me alone and  find my mommy. After all this happened to me I got to meet my daddy. He was up on Skype again thanks to my aunt Sabrina. My daddy was so happy to meet me. He called me his "little man." He said he can't wait to hold me in his arms. I am so proud of my daddy for serving his county. But I can't wait to have him hold me in his arms.
Oh no, here we go again. Someone is putting something sticky on my feet and then pressing them onto paper. I hear them saying I have the cutest little feet.
Look I found my mommy. This is more like it. She is so loving. Where have you been mommy?
Not again. Someone is taking me away from my mommy. I guess this is called getting weighed, 6lbs 7oz, and a bath. Not to sure if I like this. But being wrapped up  is so warm. They say I am 20 inches long and my head measures 13 1/2 inches. It must be good because everyone seems happy.
Yah, I get to go back to mommy. Now this is the life.
Hay I hear daddy again. He is inside this strange box. His voice is so soothing. He even read me a story.
Boy I really like being wrapped in my miracle blanket. It is so nice and warm. Kind of reminds me when I was inside mommy.
This one-on-one time with mommy is great.
I could stay here all day.

My cousins and papa came for a visit. They loved holding me. I hear Aiden say he was unsure about me. But Nana reassured him that he was her baby too and that she loved all of us very much. Guess he was okay with that because he decided to hold me. Oh ya, what's this about pointed ears. You would have them too if you got stuck while trying to come out. Give them a chance and they will look like everyone elses'. Anyway, I hear uncle Aaron's was pointed too at birth. Must not be bad if my uncle had them.

Today, I am 4 days old and we get to go home. This thing they a putting me is isn't bad. When someone picks it up I get to swing and move. One step closer to home.
We stay for a few days at Nana's and Papa's house. I love it when mommy reads to me. She did this the whole time I was in her.

Nana takes me and mommy to our house so I can finally see my room. This is nice. I believe I will be very happy here.

I guess I am a little yellow. Not a bad thing since I got to have some sun time, this is really warm, and be vibrated, mommy says it like a massage, and have a manicure. Now this is the life!!

Mommy got lots of pretty flowers. The daisy basket is from daddy. It came with a really nice note for my mommy. He is such a great guy. Mommy loves how he writes to her. My aunt Tracie and her famiy sent the vase with the purple ribbon. Thanks everyone. My mommy loves flowers.
Thought I would just share a few precious pictures of myself since everyone say how adorable I am. I like to have my picture taken.

Today is Thanksgiving. I'm figuring it is a day for being thankful. I am thankful for my daddy and my mommy. Hay daddy, I wore this shirt just for you.
Here I am with my daddy and mommy. Aren't they a nice looking couple. Right now this is how our family pictures will look. But when my daddy comes home, look out, because I am sure Nana will take lots of pictures of us together. By the way if you notice I am the important one in this family. Wow!!! what a word. I kept hearing daddy call us his family, but it really is a cool thing to be part of a family. Thanks mommy and daddy for making us a family. We will be one great one.
Uncle Aaron came for Thanksgiving and brought  a towel with a cool dragon on it. Thanks uncle Aaron mommy says it is big enough that I can use it for a long time. I love getting all wrapped up and cozy after my bath.
I guess it is traditional to hold the baby up to the turkey for their first Thanksgiving. Not too sure what they do with this thing call a turkey but I guess I will find out. So much to learn. My head is spinning right now and I am getting tired, but wanted to say it isn't bad out here in the world. In fact all I can say is "World look out because I have arrived". I"m just going to hang out with mommy till my daddy gets back. I am sure my Nana will keep everyone posted on how I am doing. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birhtday Tavein

Tavein turned 28 yesterday. She got a new hair cut, woke up to special notes sent from Jared, went to dinner at the new Mexican restaurant with some friends, attended a scrape-booking party and came home to notes

a special video (Jared taught the Afghanistan's that he works with to sing happy birthday)

presents from us
which included a special blanket and hat that I made for Jaxon.Then we took her out for yogurt since she can't have cake or ice cream. She had a great day. Wishing her many more wonderful days.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cowboy Boots Cake

So the cake this week was a challenge. The customer order a cowboy boot cake for her husbands birthday/retirement from the Air National Guard party. She said she really wanted a pair of boots that would stand up, but would settle for a flat cake shaped like a boot. Well I took on the challenge and made a chocolate cake that looked like a pair of western cowboy boots. The customer was so thrilled when I delivered the cake. It was just what she wanted.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Taylor

It is hard to believe that Taylor turned 17 today. Happy Birthday Taylor. 
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