Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hannah's Cake

Hannah is a senior at CMR. She is doing a senior project and she picked food. What she wanted to do was to learn how to decorate cakes with fondant, so I have been mentoring her. This is her first fondant cake. She did such a great job. Next cake will be a square one.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I was a little worried that we were not going to have our traditional Easter Celebration with the egg dying party on Saturday and Brunch, baskets, and egg hunt on Sunday with Aiden not feeling well because of his tonsils and adenoids being removed on Monday. But he is such a little trooper that all went as scheduled.
Saturday the kids came over and we dyed Easter Eggs. Even Jared and Tavein joined us. We tried something new this year. First we did the original dying of the eggs, let them dry and then added oil to the dye and re-dipped the eggs. We got some very interesting marbling on our eggs.

Aiden then went in the living room to visit Taylor and it wasn't very long before he was sound asleep. He doesn't last more than an hour.

This morning I got a call at 8:00 from Aiden telling me the Easter Bunny had come and wondered if he could come over.

When they arrived Aiden found that the Easter Bunny had gone all the way to England to get him a toy that he has been asking for for the last 6 months. Fireman Sam, his fire station and a fire truck. Yes it really did come all the way from England. We ever had a friend exchange our money for pounds so we could pay for it. Jerry's new bookkeeper has a sister in England and she found the toys for us. They are not available in the US.
After Brunch everyone else headed for their baskets.
Tavein looked in hers and only found a card and some eggs. One of the eggs had a message in it that lead her and the kids on a scanvanger hunt to find her gift.
At the end of the hunt she found a small gas barbecue.
Then it was the kids turn to find eggs. This year I did something different because of all the snow we still had made it hard to put candy in the eggs. So each of the kids had to find an egg with their name on it. These eggs contained a dollar bill and a quarter. There was also a golden egg that contained $5.00. Taylor found the golden egg. There were 120 eggs to find and Aiden found the most, 44.
Dad even got to go on a scavenger hunt and found a drill that he has been wanting in the dryer.
After that they all went outside to play with the boy's popguns.
Then we took a group picture.
Hope everyone had a great Easter. Despite snow on the ground it turned out to be a beautiful day here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Amazing what kids will say.

There is no picture to go with this story. The story was too cute not to blog. Aiden got his tonsils removed today and did very well. He is home and resting. Taylor came to visit tonight and told this cute story. She told Aiden that she loved him and he replied, "I love you to the moon and back." Taylor said to him, "I love you to Jupiter." He replied back, "I love you to the moon." Taylor said, "I love you to heaven." Then Aiden replied, "I love you to hell." Taylor said she was so shocked that her mouth fell open. Leave it to our Aiden.

I guess before the operation Aiden told his mom that she needed to cancel. When he returned to the room and woke in recovery he said, "You were suppose to cancel" and then wouldn't talk to anyone. It may be a long week.

Amazing what kids will say.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cupcake Tree

I made two cake last week. One was a cupcake tree. I got my first cupcake order about a month ago for a baby shower. I discovered since that you can't buy a desent cupcake stand that will hold 30 cupcakes. So, I designed this one and Jerry made it for me. It can hold 30+ cupcakes. I put the ribbon around each layer that says "it's a girl". These are jumbo cupcakes, they measure 2x2x2. I wanted them to be pretty, but discover that they don't make jumbo cupcake wraps. So, I made a pattern, got some black paper and a paper punch and made my own. The cupcakes were my famous chocolate cupcakes and white vanilla bean died pink. The tops are frosted with buttercream and them a fondant cap was placed on top. I found out that this was way more work than doing a regular cake. I must say though when it was all done it was really pretty. The gal that ordered it even gave me a $10.00 tip when I delivered them.

Here is the other baby shower cake I also made last week. This cake was for the sister of a former student of mine. She was also a coworker of Sabrina's at Maurice. Her mom is now Tanealya's boss at the pre-school that she works at. Any way, I donated a cake certificate to Special Olympic's fundraiser in February and Stephanie won it and used it for her baby shower. She wanted a jungle cake but hats monkeys. She also wanted a lion on top with palm trees. So, this is the cake she got. The top layer is white vanilla bean, second layer is lemon with huckleberry filling, and the third layer is my famous chocolate cake with fudge filling.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sabrina

This is not an April Fool's joke. Sabrina really did turn 40 today. Wow how time flies. It just seems like yesterday that she was turning one. Happy Birthday Sabrina!!
Sabrina's 40th Birthday cake.