Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Very Very Busy Week

I did three wedding cakes, one groom's cake, and a wedding this week. I still have Aiden's birthday cake to make for tomorrow. Got the kids to the airport, finished decorating these cakes for delivery, will decorate Aiden's cake tonight, and after his party I think I'll go to bed early and get some rest before next week begins. Anyway, here are two of the wedding cakes. Don't you just love the red shoes on the bride. That is what Katie is wearing. So the shoes got painted to match. My favorite is the space shuttle cake. This was its last voyage into space. I'm a NASA nut so it was cool to be able to make this cake. The groom called me a week ago, but I just couldn't say no.
Tavein and Jared got on a plane this morning to go back to Pennsylvania to visit his parents.
Jared says this is their first trip and a family. Sorry about the blurry picture. But it was 5:00am and I went to bed a 1:00am. So my focus wasn't that great. Here is wishing them a great trip with lots of moments for making those special memories.


Oergel said...

I love the space shuttle cake too! The red and black wedding cake is very striking. Love that the shoes match the bride for real!

Tracie said...

That is a very cool space shuttle cake!