Monday, March 22, 2010

Chocolate Any One?

This cake for for Jerry's secretary's birthday. She loves chocolate so the cake was triple chocolate fudge with fudge filling and frosting and the leaves are molded dark chocolate. This cake is truly a chocolate lovers cake.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Birthday Cakes

It amazes me how different people are. Each one has their own personality as these cake show.
This cake is for a twelve year old girl who loves everything 70's. Grandmother told me her favorite colors are yellow, orange, and lime green(the color is lime green. just a bad picture). Her motto is Peace, Love, Friends. I believe I covered all the bases.

This cake was for a little girl who is having her first birthday. Taylor babysits for them and says all the little girl wears is pink and lime green. The cake really looked like Finley.

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This cake was for a gentleman who lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming. You guessed it. His daughter took it all the way to Cheyenne for his 80th birthday. As you can see she wanted it to be colorful and fun. Now she is trying to figure out a way to get a graduation cake to Washington D.C. for her daughter. She said she was willing to carry it on the plane if she had to.

Three different cakes for three very special people. But the one thing they all have in common is that these cakes are lemon flavored cakes with strawberry frosting. Lemon and strawberries seem to be the new flavor. It must be that we are all wishing for spring. All in All these cakes were fun to make.
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