Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bathroom Lights At Last

After 15 months we finally have bathroom lights. The little lamp served its purpose much to long. Sunday we finally installed the lights in the bathroom ceiling. Not that we didn't have them. It was just finding the time to install them and cross it off our to do list.

After searching for months, I found these lights. They are really kitchen pendent lights. But they were on sale for $20 dollars each. So I got them even thought the color was a horrible black and gold. I figured I could remove the bar and spray paint them to match the other fixtures in the bathroom. I then took a look at the shades and decided they were ugly. So back to the store to purchase new ones. Total cost for the pendent was $32.00 each compared to $70 dollars each if they had not been on sale. I just love a bargain. And these are now one of a kind.
What a difference lighting makes in a bathroom.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Aiden

Today Aiden turned 5. He had a cake that was shaped like a fire truck. His cake even had sparklers on it.

The kids played games outside. The water balloon toss turned into a water balloon fight. Aiden loved getting everyone wet. The best shot was his hitting Riley right in the face. Of course no picture.

Then on to the presents. Aiden loved opening his presents.

Then outside to hit the Pinata. He waited all week to do this.

Aiden had a great birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDEN!!!
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A Fireman Cake for Aiden

Aiden ordered a fire truck cake for his birthday. Aiden was so excited about his cake. He ordered triple fudge chocolate with butter cream filling. The fire truck is three layers of cake covered with fondant. It sits on a sheet cake. All the decorations are fondant. Taylor was a big help with this cake. She even made her first sculpture, the puppy.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding Cake and Scooby Doo Cake

This is the cake before the wedding flowers were put on it. Taylor came over on Friday and helped me with the cake. She placed all the beads on. She did a great job. Think I'll keep her on as my assistant.
This is the cake at home when I was making the flower arrangements for it. The bride had ordered flowers for the cake, but when I pick them up I was so disappointed. So, I remade the top arrangement and made side arrangements out of flowers I bought at Albertsons. I just might have a career in floral arrangement. LOL. Anyway I love how they turned out. I was even compared to The Ace of Cakes.
This is a first. I actually got to see the bride and groom and get a picture of them with the cake. Yes you do see another cake on the table. It is Scooby Doo. Why you might ask? The groom is crazy about Scooby and the bride wanted to surpise him with his own cake. He just looked at her and had this great big smile for her.
Scooby Doo Groom's Cake
Taylor was a great assistant with this cake also.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Latest Cakes

This wedding cake was an Italian Cream Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting covered with shaved white chocolate and topped with chocolate curls. The cake had to be made with 8 individual 2" layers to achieve the pyramide effect.

Calla Lily cake. Made for a lady who turned 70. The birthday took place at Colin's Mansion. The top two layers are White Vanilla Bean filled with Rubarb and Stawberry perserves. The bottom layer is Triple Chocolate Fudge filled with Buttercream.
Cake at Colin's Masion.
Leslie also loves Angel Food Cake. So I made her one filled with Strawberry Moose and covered with Strawberry whip cream frosing. Flowers and decorations are fondant.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Visit From the Oergels

(turn on your sound)This fourth of July Tracie, Marc, Olivia, Emma, and Marcus came to our house to visit. We were very busy. On Saturday Marc and Tavein went shotting and the rest of us went to Farmer's Market.
The Kids started off by purchasing some cute book ends.
Next the girls found Butterfly wings and

and Marcus found a wooden truck that he liked.
They had a very successful trip.
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They brought the outfits they will be wearing in a wedding in August so I could do a little bit of altering. They are so cute in these cloths. Marcus is such a gentleman in his tux. And the girls look like princesses.

Emma models her wing.

During the afternoon the girls and Tracie played a fishing game while Marcus took his nap.
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The girls even entertained us with a song.

A visit isn't complete without some good food and the kids found an ideal place to sit.

Sunday morning we went to Ryan Dam.
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The girls and Tavein pose for a picture.

After naps we headed to the parade. Olivia and Emma wait patiently for all of us to get going.
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Marcus and Emma salute the flag as it goes by.

A quick picture of all watching the parade.

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Meadow Gold passed out ice cream for all to enjoy.

The hot tub was a great hit. They played in it for about an hour.
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Then they took some time to play in the yard with all the toys.

Bedtime came way to fast. Tavein gave some cuddles and then off to bed all went.

Monday morning the kids played in the park up the street. The had lots of fun climbing and sliding.

This was such a special visit. I wish they lived closer so we could see them more often. We enjoyed watching the kids play and visiting with Tracie and Marc. Thanks Marc, Tracie, Olivia, Emma, and Marcus for coming and spending the Fourth with us. I can't express how much this visit ment to me. But is will always be a very special memory.

We had a great time. Hope you did too.
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