Monday, July 11, 2011

Fire Works

After Dinner we went to Sabrina's for their annual fireworks display.
Sabrina helps Aiden light his fireworks.

Riley was in charge of most of the fireworks.
Aiden shares poppers with Olivia.
The poppers spieled so the kids decided a little popper dance worked well to make them pop.

Everyone enjoyed the sparklers.

Jared brought his motorcycle and Marcus decided to try on the helmet.

Jared and Tavein enjoyed watching the kids. It won't be too long and they will have a little one to share fireworks with.

Watching the fireworks from a safe location.
Aiden shows off the last, big fireworks. It was very pretty when fired.
After this we were on our way to Terry and Bruce's hotel to watch the big city fireworks.
It was a great weekend. Lots of food, friends, family, and fun. Posted by Picasa

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