Friday, July 22, 2011

A Wedding to Celebrate

Once upon a time there was a prince and a princess. They came together and life would never be the same. A dress, some flowers, a bride and a groom. A wedding is about to happen. A new life is about to begin. He will proudly defend our country and she will take on the role of a military wife. Their life will be filled with love, respect, adventure, dreams, and hopes.
And so on this day it begins as they pledge their love and accept their rings. She will become his wife and he will be come her husband for life.

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A flower girl and a best man.

The bride was glittered and the groom soon found he wore glitter also.

Friends come to the wedding.

Time with dad.

Time with mom.

The wedding begins with words of wisdom.

Their love is the most important aspect.

They are told to share all their dreams and hopes.

And pledge to love each other eternally.

They say their vows. I Jared Edward Bobic take you Tavein Noel Traxinger to be my wife,

I Tavein Noel Traxinger take you Jared Edward Bobic to be my husband.

They give each other their rings.

And are pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Jared Bobic.

And seal it with a kiss.

Welcome to the family Jared.

Jared's mom and dad had to listen to the ceremony because Skype wouldn't work.

Jared talking with his parents who gave the couple a big clap.

They sign the marriage certificate.

Posing with the Best Man.

Visiting with guests.

Heading out of the court house arm in arm. We went to the Milwaukee Depot for some pictures.

And them to Giant Springs for more pictures.

The kick means true love. Yes her prince has come.

The groom in his dress uniform.

Of course we had to go to Lions Park where Tavein spent lots of time playing as a little girl.

Posing with the Flag.

She found the perfect roses in the exact color that she wanted and I was able to find ribbon to match to wrap around them.

Back to the house for, guess what, more pictures.

Usually the bride changes, Jared put on a suit to join us for a celebration dinner at Dante's.

Tavein ran into Mr. Biscup. She has known him and his wife since she was 4 years old.

Of course you have to share cake. They had cheese cake for theirs.

Back to Milwaukee Depot to take some more pictures.

The day comes to an end. The prince and princess walk into their life together. To share many adventures, dreams and hopes for the future.
A hug from dad. So now our baby is a wife and we wish her the best in her new life. After a trip to visit Jared's family they will return and Jared will be leaving for Afghanistan for 8 months while Tavein makes a home for the two of them. Next year they will celebrate their first anniversary with the big church wedding they were dreaming of with all family member and friends.


Oergel said...

I always cry at weddings - even when I just see the photo's on-line! Nice job covering Tavein and Jared's special day. Congratulations to everyone. My favorite photo is the the couple with the flag!

Tracie said...

Wish we could have been there! Can't wait for next year's big bash though!!! Beautiful pictures...thanks so much for taking them and sharing so we could all experience it from afar. Looks like a great wedding and seemed stress free! That's how to get married :-) Congratulations Tavein and Jared!