Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Aiden and I took a Field Trip to Gibson Park to feed the ducks.

Feeding the Ducks

At first, Aiden just threw the bread in the water.

Then he got brave and held the bread for the ducks

After the duck took the bread he looked at his fingers and said, "He kissed me."

Can't waste any of the bread.

Feeding the Swans
As we walked around the pond Aiden noticed the swans.

This swan swam right up to him and took the bread out of his hand.

Chasing the Sea Gulls

Aiden had more fun standing still while the sea gulls gathered. Then he would run at them. They would all take flight and he would laugh his silly little laugh. Those poor sea gull!

Time to Play

Of course a trip to the park wouldn't be complete without playing on the equipment.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

It isn't summer without going to a ball game.
Sabrina, Tim, Riley, Aiden, Taylor, Tavein, Jon, Papa and I had our family night at the game.

Tim bought the boys bats.

Aiden was fascinated with his.

Aiden enjoyed every ones hot dog.
A little of the game was watched until the team mascot showed up.

The night came to an end quickly, because Aiden reacted to the mascot (a green alien) like he does to anything dressed in a costume. He threw up his dinner. Sabrina and Tim took Riley and Aiden home. The rest of us stayed and enjoyed the game.

Sunday, August 24, 2008



Summer vacation is almost over for the kids. School starts on Wednesday and the girls got new haircuts. It has become a tradition that I take the girls to my friend Sebrina and have their hair cut and styled.


Tanealya choose to have her hair cut short. She had 8 inches cut off. This hair style is easy to take care of and suits her. Tanealya will be a Sophomore this year and the new ambassador for the Great Falls Special Olympics.

Taylor has hers cut a little shorter and layered. Perfect style for her. After the hair cuts we made a field trip to papa's store to show off the new hair cuts. Taylor will be an 8th grader. Last year of Junior High.


We took a field trip to Papa's store to show off the girls new hair cuts.

I wish I had a picture of what happened when we got home. The story is worth telling. Aiden was so good at the hairstylist. He watched and asked many questions. He even reassured Tanealya when 7 inches was cut off Tanealya's hair at once. He patted her knee and told her it was alright. When we got home, Aiden went straight for the bathroom. What was he doing? As I entered the bathroom the water was running in the sink and his head was under the faucet. When I asked what he was doing he said he was washing his hair. When his hair was dry he said it smelled liked coconut.


Sabrina is also going back to school this week. Only fitting she gets a new hair do also.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Two Fish In The Water

How Much Water Can They Handle?

Riley and Aiden love the water.

They spend many hours going
from the Hot Tub

to the Swimming Pool

back to the hot tub.

back to the Swimming Pool.

This goes on until they get tired of being in the water.

Which isn't until their hands are all wrinkled
and I have to say "enough."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Measuring and Mixing
I tell the kids that Baking is a science, so measuring is important. Taylor takes
this very seriously. That's probably why she is such a good baker.

Little Helper
All bakers need an assistant and Aiden is ready to jump right in.

I think he ATE more chocolate chips then he put into the cookies.

Taste Testers
You can't make cookies without testing the dough.

Tavein and Riley are great dough tester.

Riley has the one finger method down.

Baking Time
Taylor patiently shows the boys how to put the cookies on the cookie sheets.

Taylor is serious about measuring each scoop perfectly.

Can you believe how perfect each cookie is?

I love my oven. You can bake three sheets of cookies at a time.


Caught in the Act.

I'm sure Aiden is thinking, "No one will miss just one."

Clean Up

Tanealya was on clean up duty today. It really doesn't look that bad.
She did a good job making sure the kitchen
stayed clean and all the bowls and utensils got clean.

After she finished cleaning the kitchen, she got to be the first to taste the cookies.
That is if you don't count the one that Aiden got.
Some chores come with pretty good benefits:)

Enjoying the Great Cookies

Everyone got to go out to the back deck and enjoy the cookies.

Thanks Taylor. The cookies were GREAT!!