Monday, February 14, 2011

Riley Turns 10 Part 2

February is Riley's official birthday. But, because he shares it with a friend from school, who alway has her party the weekend closest to theitr birthday Riley has to have his later. This year Riley got to have a swimming party. He also got the big cake like everyone else gets. He wanted a castle with a dragon and his playmobil knight. The cake even had a gate, drawbridge and mot. They had a blast and he and his friends loved the cake. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY!!
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Valentine's Day 2011

The kids came over to the house after school today to celebrate Valentine's with me. They start asking about this party right after Christmas. It has become a tradition with them.They shared with me what they got at school and from friends for Valentines and then began the party. I made cookies, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate candy. There was a special table setting with decorations waiting for them when they got home. They got to drink their punch from crystal stemware which they think is special. Each of them got a small gift from Papa and me. They had blast. Hope everyone's day was great and full of LOVE!! Happy Valentine's Day.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Riley is 10

Riley has reached the double didgets. He turned 10 today. He and Aiden came over to the house this morning and we went shopping at Amazing Toys for his birthday present and then we had lunch together. Tonight we celebrated with a birthday dinner at Boston Pizza and then went home to cake and presents. Riley's best gift was a new bike. Next week we will celebrate with a fancy cake that Riley picked out and will help make and a swim party with friends. Happy Birthday Riley.
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