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Tanealya's Trip to Greece

Tanealya writes: WOW!!!! Now that I am back home after 2 wonderful weeks in Athens at the 2011 World Summer Games and Global Youth Summit I can't believe how awesome it all was! My favorite memories and experiences were meeting athletes from 33 countries and sharing our stories and ideas. We are all from different countries but we care about the same stuff! It was really fun to interview athletes from all over the world as part of our GYAS experience. One time, Jordan Shubert, an athlete from Illinois, translated for us other athletes when we interviewed athletes from Venezuela. That was so cool to have an athlete translating for us other athletes.

We got to meet Apollo Ono when he came to our breakfast about Youth Empowerment. What a great guy. His main promise was that he would do his best to get more media coverage about Special Olympics and us athletes. He talked about never failing and being better each day than you were the day before. I will use that in my work with Spread the Word to End the Word.

We had super fun sessions on fundraising and cool ways to promote the Red Laces. Our GYAS came up with lots of fun ways to wear the laces and promote the laces.

Team Mattel came to bowling night and gave us lots of fun time with bowling and great food. Team Mattel also helped make a great Young Athletes Program by supporting Opening Ceremonies and a demonstration that was really cool and fun to watch. I am going to do the same thing at my state summer games in 2012 for my state. That is my big project from the GYAS....making a really good Young Athletes Program at our state summer games.

GYAS was awesome and I am glad I got to go and be a facilitator and be part of all the events. Thanks everyone!

Highlights of her trip:

Tanealya Hueth Presents SOI Board Member Ray Lane with a Summit Shirt

It was kind of nice to meet the government people from the Philippines and get interviewed by them and that just made my day go better. I was kind of glad to be interviewed by their government and tell them my story and how I got involved in Special Olympics and what kind of sports I am in doing in my home town. As a Special Olympics athlete it makes me feel honored to have world government leaders and important business people take interest in our youth summit and what youth care about. We all felt important when the Shriver’s all came to see what we were doing.

Meeting Maria Shriver!

Kevin Farr, CFO Mattel and Bob Norbie, CEO Special Olympics Montana Welcome Tanealya to Athens

Greetings from Greece! On behalf of Team Oregon we are having an amazing time! Skyler said today that it seems like we have been here forever! Ever since the moment we arrived we have been welcomed by people from all over the world! It is refreshing to be in a place where nothing matters except the fact that we are all human and have a common goal, unity! Last night we had the amazing opportunity to attend Opening Ceremonies! Chris sums up the experience, when asked how it felt to walk in opening ceremonies he said, “I felt famous!” The ceremony was four energizing, inspiring hours with words from celebrities and most importantly athletes! After much suspense the torch was lit and that is just the beginning, the games have begun. The games will continue as we work with and learn from people all over the world about global activation to make our world more unified! It is inspiring to see how even though we have all just met, everyone is welcomed, supported and respected! Hope to keep you posted with all the exiting events!

Chris and Tanealya at opening ceremonies!

Global youth in Greece.

Global Youth Share Ideas!

Posted on June 24, 2011 by tanealya

So today everyone here at the gyas is sharing ideas about special olympics international about clubs and how they get involved and how they are going to try to get it in their schools.Youth from all over the world are sharing ideas about how to revolutionize their schools so that all schools are unified. It is all about dignity!!!!

Tim Shriver Visits GYASThe 2011 Special Olympics Global Youth Activation Summit has officially begun! Special Olympics CEO Tim Shriver joined 67 youth leaders from around the world to help kick off 10 days of discussions and strategy development sessions to activate youth in creating communities of social change. Tim Shriver gave words of advice to youth who joined the “Dignity Revolution” and become leaders today.

Plus, in talking with the youth, Tim charged the leaders with a lofty task of playing unified to live unified and bringing unified programs to the world. “I think you should be the historic youth summit that would set the goal of having a unified program in every school in the world.”

Posted on June 24, 2011 by tanealya


Tanealya Hueth with Tim Shriver and Soren Palumbo

Temple of the Wingless Victory!Alli, Tanealya, Jordan and Kim at the Parthenon.


Wow Tanealya~

This sounds amazing. I can’t wait to read more. I am so grateful for all you do to further Project Unify not only here in Montana but also in the world. You are a gift.

Thanks for sharing your journey here!


Tanealya, YOU ARE ROCKIN’ OVER THERE IN GREECE! You seem to be in EVERY picture on this blog, and you are meeting so many cool people. All of that coupled with the fact that you handle it like a superstar, wow! Way to go and way to represent Montana!

Nolan at SOMT

Hi Tanealya – You did an amazing job on this blog! Way to go! You are meeting so many interesting people. Nice job! JoJo

Other Pictures from Greece.

Photo of Global Youth Activation Summit in the Greek Parliament this morning for a formal recognition ceremony. All the heads of state were in attendance...the President of Greece, His Holiness of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Prime Minister, the Secretary of Education/Labor and Human Services, the President of the Games, SOI CEO Tim Shriver, and Mathew Williams, chair of the Global Athletes Congress.

The attached photo shows GYAS athletes and chaperones on the floor of the parliament. In the middle of the photo, if you look closely, you will see Tanealya Hueth and Tammy Peterson (both from Great Falls, MT) waving at the camera. Truly a historic event which His Holiness said in his remarks, reflects the "sacredness of the human face!" Look at the middle of the picture and you can see Tanealya waving.

Tanealya Hueth with other GYAS (Global Youth Activation Summit) leaders and Olympic Gold medalist short track speed skater Apollo Anton Ono.

We are so proud of our Tanealya. Way to go girl. You are a rock star!!!!!!!

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Oergel said...

Thanks so much for posting Tanealya's Greek experience! Great photo's as well as story. The photo with Apollo Anton Ono is my favorite!

Tracie said...

Awsome job Tanealya! We are all so proud of you too! So fun to see everything. Can't wait to see what you will do next :-) Love you!