Thursday, May 23, 2013

Food and Fun

We spent time in a place called City Market. This is the social hang out with lots of food, shopping, and music. It was fun to sit out here in the afternoon or evening. 
On way of getting around Savannah. 
Inside of the trolly we traveled in. 
Peach cobbler. Savannah folks will tell you they have the best peaches anywhere. This was on every menue in town. It was very good. 
We eat in lots of interesting places. It was like going to Europe. Molly MacPherson's was an old family Scottish pub. Once inside you were transformed to Scottland. 
Chess in the park. 
Our next stop was England. We had afternoon tea here. Very authentic. The Savannah folks have a tea called sweet tea. Taste the same no matter where you order it. 
Irish import store. Just like going to Ireland. We even visited a store that was from Paris, Fance. Once you entered you felt like you were in Paris. It was really a cool shop. 
Our last stop to eat was The Pink Lady.   We had dinner here our last night. It is an old mansion built in 1771. Rumored to be haunted. We didn't see any ghosts, but any dropping of things was blamed on the ghosts.  

We had a blast. Savannah is a great old historic city with friendly people. They are proud of their history an love to share it with you. The weather was great. Only had to us an umbrella one night and then not for long. You can walk anywhere in the city and we did. Savannah is a trip worth taking.
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Moss covered trees grow everywhere. 
Yards were very elabrately landscaped. 
They have 22 of the original 24 squares (parks to us). They were build in the middle of houses as gathering places for the residence. Kind of like a shared front yard.
Lots of monuments and fountains. 
Twisting oak trees everywhere. 
Colonial grave yard. 
Lots of palms. 
Jerry sitting on Forest Gumps bench. 

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Old Churches

Savannah has lots of old churches.
When the colonie of Georgia was founded Catholics weren't allowed because Spain was the enemy and they were afraid that a Catholic would be a spy.
Catholic Cathedral founded in 1873.  
 When they finally let the Catholics in it was quite a population of Irish Catholics. Savannah has quite the St. Patricks day celebration. In fact it is a holiday celebrated by the whole town. Schools are event closed that day.
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