Sunday, September 27, 2009

Batman Cake

Every cake seems to have a story behind them. This one is no different. I got a call from the father asking if I could make a dairy, egg free cake. His little boy is turning 4 and never has had a birthday cake because of his allergies. Well this year he will. This cake is called a depression cake. It is the recipe used during the depression when eggs and milk was scarce. The father is so excited that he called and said he went to the local party store and got all kinds of batman birthday decorations.
As you can tell the little boy loves batman. So the theme of the cake is all about batman. I can't wait to deliver this cake.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Tanealya

Happy Birthday Tanealya.
I can't believe Tanealya turned 18 September 15th.
On Saturday we gathered at her house for a big family celebration of her birthday.
Here she is with the cake I baked just for her.

The top layer was vanilla and the bottom layer was triple chocolate.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wedding Cake

Here are some pictures of the latest cake. Remember, this cake was suppose to be for the rehearsal dinner because the bride didn't want a cake. Well the cake ended up being the wedding cake. When the bride saw the cake she was so excited because it was the color of her dress and decorated with flowers that she loved.

The cake was a hit. In fact the photographer was so excited about it because it was gluten free and she hadn't had cake for about 5 years.

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Trip to the Park

Sunday we continued our adventure. This time the road lead to the park downtown. First we check out the water fountain. They were very impressed how it worked.

Then we walked over to the wagon slide. They loved climbing up the tall ladder and then sliding down.

Then they wanted to play on the blocks and have their picture take. Don't you love the pose.

When we got to the park we passed by the carousel. Emma and Marcus were quite take by it and wanted to ride. Olivia keep insisting that she didn't. But after we finished playing on the blocks Olivia was the one who suggested we go ride the horses. They had fun and wanted to do it again when the ride stopped.

It was a prefect day and we all had lots of fun hanging out together and playing. Thanks Olivia, Emma, and Marcus for sharing your weekend with us.
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Weekend Adventure

We spent the weekend of August 29th at Tracie's and Marc's house while they went to a wedding in San Francisco. As you can see we started our day off with lots of activities. Olivia and Papa prepared breakfast for us. They made Mickey Mouse pancakes. While they were busy cooking Emma took some time to have morning coffee and Marcus read the paper. Then off to the bathroom to get ready for out first adventure of the weekend.
They are so excited to get going. We even have friends joining us for the day. A puppy, doll, and Marcus brought a rabbit.

Everyone is in the car and ready to go.

We arrive at a farm, but the day was rainy so we had a different kind of adventure on the farm. According to the girls we are visiting a doughnut farm. They watched the doughnuts being made and then enjoyed eating some. If you look close you can see that Marcus and Olivia are checking out the honey bees.

Emma wanted to go shopping. So off to Fred Meyers we went. They were great while we shopped and had lots of fun helping Papa check out.

Despite all the rain we had a great time on Saturday. So great that the kids went right to sleep after lunch and slept till 4:00.
After dinner we watered the plants, played in the yard, took baths, and went to bed for a goods nights sleep so we could continue our adventure tomorrow.
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