Friday, December 17, 2010

Sabrina Graduates

Today Sabrina graduated from MSU-Northern with her RN degree. Way to go Sabrina!!! We are so proud of you and your accomplishment.
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Aiden had his Christmas party at school Thursday and I was in charge of a healthy snack.
I wanted it to be not only healthy but fun. So I made banana snowmen.

The ingredients:
bananas, carrot, mini chocolate chips, apple, grapes, pretzel sticks, bamboo skewers (or just assemble on a plate, this way the kids can build their own.)

For each snowman, cut the banana into 3 3inch pieces.

Put on skewers or plate and decorate with mini chips (eyes and buttons).

Cut small piece of carrot and add for nose. To make this easy, put hole in banana with skewer. Then place carrot into hole.

Cut apple into small wedge and cut off top to form hat.

Place hat on top of banana head.

Put grape on top of apple wedge to finish hat.and place pretzels (one pretzel broken in half) into sides of center banana for arms.
Now you have a snowman that's ready to eat.

This was fun to make and the kids at school loved them. Even the little boy who is a picky eater eat all of his and asked for another.
To make this even more fun, add a pile of white yogurt to the bottom to resemble snow.

Hope you and your kids have fun with this project.