Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Trip to the Park

Playing in the Park

While Taylor is at soccer practice Tanealya, Riley and Aiden get to spend time playing at the park.

Climbing is hard work when your legs are so short. It sure is nice to have brother and sister cheer you on.

Aiden loves the slide.

Where Tanealya and Riley go

Aiden must follow. We held our breath as we watched this determined little boy climb to the top. He made it. When he was ready to come down he asked Papa to help.

Aiden's favorite saying is "Go Higher" when he is swinging.

Taylor finally finishes with practice and joins us for the next part of our adventure.

A Trip to Dairy Queen

Taylor and Aiden check out the cakes.
Can you believe this is a baby cone!
Papa, Aiden, Tanealya, Taylor, and Riley relax and enjoy their treat.

As we head home Aiden decides he needs both and cone and a dish for his ice cream.
Checking out sisters treat.
What a fun time we all had:)

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Tracie said...

YUM! I love Dairy Queen. Great pictures. It's fun to see everyone...I haven't seen them forever...they are getting so big!