Wednesday, August 6, 2008


All right Tracie here goes.
1. The Refrigerator
Nice and clean. Taylor washed and scrubbed the inside Tuesday.
2. My Closet

What a mess. Part of the remodel includes new walk in closets. Can't wait!!!!

3. My Self Portrait

Not having a good day. Picture was taken as Aiden peed in my shoe.

4. My Favorite Room

My front porch is a nice quiet place to go and relax. Most of the time I sit and watch while the kids tumble and play tag. Dad and I just finished putting up the lattice we built last weekend.

5. The Kitchen Sink

Nothing exciting here. Maybe later when we bake chocolate chip cookies.

6. The Laundry Room

Laundry is all washed, dried, and put away.

7. The Toilet

The little one is for Aiden. Taylor and I are trying to get him potty trained before she goes back to school. Right now the wall and floor seem to be getting wet instead of the potty. Patients is the word of the day around here.

8. What the Kids are Doing Right Now

Taylor and Tanealya are being creative and decorating the new sidewalk.

Riley is showing off a "round off back hand spring".

Aiden is busy playing with his water bucket.

9. My Dream Vacation

Some where quiet, warm and with a beach.

10. My Favorite Shoes

I wouldn't wear shoes if I had a choice. But since I have to these are my favorite in the summer.

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Tracie said...

Thanks for participating Mom. You're the greatest :-) Can I go on your vacation with you? I need one desperately and a nice warm beach sounds great to me! Good Luck with the potty training...I'm right there with ya! If you find some magical way to get it done faster...please share! Love Ya!