Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Measuring and Mixing
I tell the kids that Baking is a science, so measuring is important. Taylor takes
this very seriously. That's probably why she is such a good baker.

Little Helper
All bakers need an assistant and Aiden is ready to jump right in.

I think he ATE more chocolate chips then he put into the cookies.

Taste Testers
You can't make cookies without testing the dough.

Tavein and Riley are great dough tester.

Riley has the one finger method down.

Baking Time
Taylor patiently shows the boys how to put the cookies on the cookie sheets.

Taylor is serious about measuring each scoop perfectly.

Can you believe how perfect each cookie is?

I love my oven. You can bake three sheets of cookies at a time.


Caught in the Act.

I'm sure Aiden is thinking, "No one will miss just one."

Clean Up

Tanealya was on clean up duty today. It really doesn't look that bad.
She did a good job making sure the kitchen
stayed clean and all the bowls and utensils got clean.

After she finished cleaning the kitchen, she got to be the first to taste the cookies.
That is if you don't count the one that Aiden got.
Some chores come with pretty good benefits:)

Enjoying the Great Cookies

Everyone got to go out to the back deck and enjoy the cookies.

Thanks Taylor. The cookies were GREAT!!

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Tracie said...

Can Taylor come over and make chocolate chip cookies for me too? I've been wanting them so badly lately (mainly the dough of course :-))...but haven't had the time! Looks good. Wish I could back that many in my oven at one time...YUMMY!