Monday, August 25, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

It isn't summer without going to a ball game.
Sabrina, Tim, Riley, Aiden, Taylor, Tavein, Jon, Papa and I had our family night at the game.

Tim bought the boys bats.

Aiden was fascinated with his.

Aiden enjoyed every ones hot dog.
A little of the game was watched until the team mascot showed up.

The night came to an end quickly, because Aiden reacted to the mascot (a green alien) like he does to anything dressed in a costume. He threw up his dinner. Sabrina and Tim took Riley and Aiden home. The rest of us stayed and enjoyed the game.

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Tracie said...

Poor Aiden. We had to keep the mascot away from Olivia the night we went to the game. She doesn't throw up, she just cries really loud. Funny that we live in two different places but we seem to be doing the same cuts and baseball :-)