Friday, July 25, 2008

Aiden's Birthday


Aiden has waited so long for his birthday to arrive. He has experienced lots of family birthdays and was wondering when his would be next. He watched me make cakes for all the members of his family this year. This year it all began with his sister Tanealya's birthday in September. To be followed by his sister Taylor's and Aunt Tavein's in November. Next came his brother Riley's in February and then his mom's, Nana's, Papa's and dad's birthday all in the same week of April. He really started to question when his birthday was coming and started making plans for his 3rd birthday. Then Uncle Aaron had a birthday in March and his cousins' Olivia and Emma had their 2nd birthday in June. Aiden was really wondering at this point if his birthday was ever going to come. Daily now he would ask about his birthday. He even decided that it was going to be a Barney Birthday. See he discovered Barney last year and they have been best buds since. The day finally has come. July 24th Aiden arrived at our house for a Barney Birthday Party.

Aiden was greeted by Barney. Barney had balloons and the long awaited cake.

Party Hat and Shirt
Aiden loves hats and instantly put the birthday hat on.

When Aiden and I were looking on the Internet for Barney Party ideas
he saw a shirt with Barney on it. So I made him one of his own that said
"Happy Birthday".

Aiden was so happy when we sang Happy Birthday to Aiden.

Cake tastes best eaten with the finger.


Taylor Tavein and Jon Barney of course mom and dad Riley, Papa and Tanealya


Aiden was fascinated with the balloons.


Riley is always the big brother helping out Aiden. Here he is showing Aiden the Pinata that I had to make since there are no Barney ones to be found and how it works. Aiden pulled almost all the strings and nothing happened. Boy was Aiden surprised when Riley pulled the magic string and candy came pouring out.

At one point in the party Aiden disappeared. He was found by Riley and Tavein. He had pulled his lawn chair up to the Pinata and was looking for more candy inside. He did find a box of dots.


Riley loves to help Aiden. Here he is helping Aiden unwrap his gifts.

Care Bears

Aiden got two Care Bears "Funshine" and "Grumpy". Funshine because that's what Aiden is most of the time. And Grumpy because the bear has the exact expression on its face as Aiden gets when he is pouting. Well when he opened the present and found the Bears Jon said that he had a Care Bear bandage on his finger. Aiden asked if he had an owee and then gave the Care Bears to Jon. How Sweet. Maybe we need to get him "Tender Heart".


The drum came from Nana and papa. It was a hit. Aiden placed it around his neck and marched about proudly playing. You might ask, "Why a drum?" Aiden loves music he plays the piano, the guitar, violin, tambourine and was using the toilet seat for a drum. So I got him one. He is a natural.

The party was great. Aiden was delighted and all had fun.

Thanks Sabrina for letting me make this day special for Aiden.


Tracie said...

WOO HOO!!! Welcome to blogging!!! FINALLY! I've been patiently waiting :-) I love it! Happy Birthday Aiden! Sorry I didn't call you yesterday! As always...present is in the mail (late as usual).

Sabrina said...

Thank you Mom, Aiden had such a great time. He woke up the next morning and wanted more presents.

Oergel said...

Great party! I'm glad you are blogging - it's fun to watch the kids grow. Happy Birthday Aiden!