Friday, April 6, 2012

Trip to Spokane

Jared, Tavein and Jaxon joined us on our trip to Spokane. We made a stop at Toys R Us and Jaxon tried out some cars. The police car because mom used to drive one. The corvet, where he was wondering where the cute chick was that should be sitting beside him and of course what car testing would be complete without testing Mader.

Olivia was in awe of Jaxon. We should call her the baby whisperer. She looked after him the whole weekend. Jaxon was fasinated with her antanes. Jaxon loved everyone. Thank you Tracie and Marc for having us.

While there Marc and Jack let Tavein and Jared shoot. Marcus helped by pulling the targets.
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Tracie said...

You did get a picture of me with Jaxon after all :-) So glad you guys could stop by for a visit. It was so nice to finally meet Jaxon and to spend time with all of you. We need to do it again soon!