Friday, April 6, 2012

December at our House

Christmas Programs. Riley played the sax. He is getting quite good. Aiden's Kindergarden program was cute. For some reason his antlers seemed to keep falling into his face.

The house was all decorated. As you can see from the outside pictures we did not have a white christmas this year.

The kid made their annual gingerbread houses. Even Tavein made one for Jaxon.

We had our Christmas Eve party with the kids. It was complete with dinner and old fashion poppers. The kids are wearing the crowns that came out of them. Jared joined us on Skype. And Jaxon experiensed his first reighdeer food toss. 
Christmas morning brought everyone together to open presents. The hit this year was the hats Tracie sent and the Lincoln Lion shirst.

Jaxon really liked the Christmas tree lights and all the decorations.

Of course we had to take some cute pictures of Jaxon for his daddy. He was the best stocking stuffer ever.

Jared joined us by skype. The picture with the three of them is their first official family picture. Thank God for skype. It gave Jared and Jaxon a chance to bond even though he was so far away.
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