Friday, April 6, 2012

February Has Arrived

February came fast. Jaxon is growing so much. He loves to sleep on his stomach at nap time. He has outgrown the bassanet so we got him a pack and play to sleep in. Mom dressed him in the cuties steeler sweats. I do beleive he thinks he is a hug magnet. Of course, I had to take a picture of him wishing mommy and daddy Happy Valentine's Day.

Jaxon made his first road trip to Bozeman to visit Uncle Aaron. They had a great time getting to know each other. Aaron has a ceiling fan and Jaxon found it right away. 

The big event this month was that Daddy got to come home early. The reason for Daddy's return wasn't great. Jared mom had a heart attach just before February 11 which was Jared's birthday. The Red Cross sent him home to be with her for two weeks and then let him come home to his family here. Jared's mom is doing great. This was the first time Jared got to meet and hold his son. Of course it was at 12:45am so Jaxon really didn't know what was happening.

Jared's first time feeding Jaxon. I do think they like each other. Great first family picture of the three of them. Jared is a natural at being a dad. And Jaxon really loves him.
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Tracie said...

Great post! That picture of Tavein and Jared hugging makes me sweet!