Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Jaxon's first Easter.

 Asmart hat and outfit,

a basket full of goodies,

 a penguin toy,

 Easter rabbit ears,

First time in his high chair.

A card for Nana.
Giant Easter Eggs.

Aiden and Riley got airplanes.

The weather was great. Not a cloud in the sky today. Riley wasn't feeling good so they didn't come over this year because we didn't want to get Jaxon sick. We took airplanes to the boys and purses to the girls for Easter to their house. Tavein, Jared and Jaxon spent the day with us. 
Here's wishing everyone a Happy  Easter everyone.

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Oergel said...

Happy Easter!

Tracie said...

We had those same deviled eggs at Marc's parent's house...they are so cute! Looks like a good Easter!