Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bathroom Lights At Last

After 15 months we finally have bathroom lights. The little lamp served its purpose much to long. Sunday we finally installed the lights in the bathroom ceiling. Not that we didn't have them. It was just finding the time to install them and cross it off our to do list.

After searching for months, I found these lights. They are really kitchen pendent lights. But they were on sale for $20 dollars each. So I got them even thought the color was a horrible black and gold. I figured I could remove the bar and spray paint them to match the other fixtures in the bathroom. I then took a look at the shades and decided they were ugly. So back to the store to purchase new ones. Total cost for the pendent was $32.00 each compared to $70 dollars each if they had not been on sale. I just love a bargain. And these are now one of a kind.
What a difference lighting makes in a bathroom.


Tracie said...

They look wonderful! Does this mean the bathroom is now complete! One room down...many more to go :-) It is looking so great!

Oergel said...

I love your lights - great idea. Your bathroom looks very cool.