Sunday, August 1, 2010

Field Trip

We decided to take the kids on a field trip. So, we headed to Bozeman, Montana, (a three hour drive), for the day.
When we got to Bozeman we made a stop at Aaron's house.
Then off to lunch at a place called the Garage. It was once a garage, hence the name, and is now a restaurant. The menus covers are license plates. Aiden is checking out the spark plugs on the bike rake.

Off to the local library. We went looking for a giant elephant made of tires, but found out it wasn't there yet. Oh well, the kids had fun posing on the sculptures.

To the Museum of the Rockies. First stop is to pose in front of T Rex.
We started our tour in the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. This is a visiting exhibit so it will be gone in a month. We got to see all the inventions that Leonardo dreamed of or made. He was very talented.

We check out the past.

And then
the dinosaur exhibit.
Aiden takes a short rest.

Papa actually took this picture. We all have out heads and you can see the dinosaur. Good job, papa.
Taylor shows Aiden how to build a dinosaur.
We had a tough time getting Aiden to pose in front of the dinosaurs. They keep making noises which made him very nervous. But luckily he did not throw up. The following pictures were taken by Aiden.

Then we went to the children's room. They had lots of fun here. Old Faithful erupted and they got to make another geyser erupt. The best part of the room was the fishing bridge.

They had all these animals made out of recycled materials. Here Riley and Tanealya pose in front of a fox.

Tanealya in front of a buffalo.

Out side the kids played on Lewis and Clark's boat. Aiden tested the canon.
The other kids explored the interior.
They sat in a canoe,

and posed by the metal sculptures.
We then explored an old working farm,
and an Indian Tee Pee.
Our last stop was
for dinner.

Riley drinking root beer.

Everyone smiles for a picture before heading home. Today I asked Aiden what the best part of the trip was. His reply, "Lunch!!". He liked the dinosaurs to. We had lots of fun!!
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Tracie said...

How fun! Great pictures and story...felt like we were there! I think we need to make our own trip there soon :-)

Oergel said...

Wow - great travel story. Looks like a fabulous museum. We'll have to put that on our to-do list! Love the photo's - did you try the peanut butter and honey pizza at the pizza place? Yummy