Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding Cake and Scooby Doo Cake

This is the cake before the wedding flowers were put on it. Taylor came over on Friday and helped me with the cake. She placed all the beads on. She did a great job. Think I'll keep her on as my assistant.
This is the cake at home when I was making the flower arrangements for it. The bride had ordered flowers for the cake, but when I pick them up I was so disappointed. So, I remade the top arrangement and made side arrangements out of flowers I bought at Albertsons. I just might have a career in floral arrangement. LOL. Anyway I love how they turned out. I was even compared to The Ace of Cakes.
This is a first. I actually got to see the bride and groom and get a picture of them with the cake. Yes you do see another cake on the table. It is Scooby Doo. Why you might ask? The groom is crazy about Scooby and the bride wanted to surpise him with his own cake. He just looked at her and had this great big smile for her.
Scooby Doo Groom's Cake
Taylor was a great assistant with this cake also.
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Tracie said...

That wedding cake is beautiful! Nice work! Scooby Doo is did it again!

Oergel said...

Awesome - love the photo with the bride and groom. Everything is beautiful. Love Scooby Doo too!!