Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

Cobwebs are hung (I hang cobwebs all over the house. The kids love it and all Aiden could say was WOW.)

and the night is all lite up.

The kids and I gather at the house around 4:00 to prepare dinner and have some fun. The menu for the night was Devilish pizzas, bat wings, ghoulish vegetables, vampire blood punch, garlic knot bread, but best of all for desert we had dirt cups, spiders, carmel apples and witches hats. YUM! These are the kids creations. They did a great job.

Aiden loved making the carmel apples.

Riley made the punch. We used dry ice and Aiden loved the effect.

Aiden was Thomas the Train

Riley was a soldier.

Taylor was a football player

and Tanealya was a witch.

Tavein joined us for a group picture.

Bobbing for apple was fun. Every one managed to get one with their mouth except Aiden. He figured it was easier to just reach in a pull on out with your hand.

Next came the marshmallow race. They had a great time with this. Riley was the first one to get it in his mouth. But Taylor won because the object is to eat it off the string before anyone else.
Sabrina and Tim arrived after the games. Dinner was great and Aiden had a ball giving out candy to all the Trick or Treaters We even made it through the night without Aiden throwing up. That's a mile stone.
Hope everyone has as much fun last night as we did.

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Tracie said...

Wow...that was a party! Wish we lived closer so we could have attended. If I ever decide to throw a Halloween party, I'm definately stealing some of your ideas :-) Very creative.