Tuesday, November 4, 2008



On November 2nd Taylor turned 14.
We all gathered at her house for some cake
and ice cream and to wish her a Happy Birthday.
Dad and Aiden prepare the cake.

Dad lights the candles on the cake while the boys look on.

It is so hard to believe Taylor is 14 already.
Time sure goes by quickly it just seems like
yesterday that Sabrina and Tim brought her home.
Ice cream is always good with cake. Sabrina was
dishing up the ice cream for the plates of cake when
Aiden decided he needed a sample. As you can see
he just leaned forward and took a lick.
Taylor's family watches as she opens her cards.
This one was a singing card.

Tanealya looks on as Taylor reads more cards.

Aiden is reading a card to Taylor.

Riley looks on.

This really is a present. Taylor is getting Ugs (very comfortable shoes) in the mail.
Of course it wouldn't be a birthday without "Tater" written on her sweats.

Mom and daughter moment.

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Tracie said...

Happy 14th Birthday Taylor! Wow...time does fly by!!!