Saturday, October 4, 2008

Police Academy

Tavein's dream to be a police officer has finally come true. September 2nd the Havre police department hired her. On September 14th she started her training at the Police Academy in Helena. She will graduate December 21st. So far she is doing great. She is the squad leader of her squad. Her grade average is 96%. There are 41 in her class and she can out run them all. Her first evaluation as squad leader was "excellent, exceeds expectations". She is on a pretty tough schedule. Her day begins at 4:00 at the gym for PT and then out to the track for a 5 mile run. Breakfast is at 7:00, and classes begin at 8:00 and run until 5:00. Evenings are filled with activities such as study groups or other classes.

Her dorm room is very tiny. This is her closet.
This is the building she has her classes in. Tavein in uniform.

Last Sunday on her way back to the Academy she came across a roll over. She made sure the passenger was safe. Flagged down a trucker to put out the car fire and keep the traffic flowing until other officers arrived. On Monday morning her instructor asked if anyone had done a good deed(he had been told what Tavein had done). No one answered so he called on Tavein. Her response was that she had picked up a soldier from the airport who had come back from Iraq. Handling the car accident was what she was suppose to do and was no big deal to her.


Tracie said...

Very impressive! Congratulations look beautiful in uniform :-) You are going to be a great police officer. I'm so excited and happy for you and also very, very proud.

Oergel said...

Congratulations Tavein! Great photo's.