Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cupcake Tree

I made two cake last week. One was a cupcake tree. I got my first cupcake order about a month ago for a baby shower. I discovered since that you can't buy a desent cupcake stand that will hold 30 cupcakes. So, I designed this one and Jerry made it for me. It can hold 30+ cupcakes. I put the ribbon around each layer that says "it's a girl". These are jumbo cupcakes, they measure 2x2x2. I wanted them to be pretty, but discover that they don't make jumbo cupcake wraps. So, I made a pattern, got some black paper and a paper punch and made my own. The cupcakes were my famous chocolate cupcakes and white vanilla bean died pink. The tops are frosted with buttercream and them a fondant cap was placed on top. I found out that this was way more work than doing a regular cake. I must say though when it was all done it was really pretty. The gal that ordered it even gave me a $10.00 tip when I delivered them.

Here is the other baby shower cake I also made last week. This cake was for the sister of a former student of mine. She was also a coworker of Sabrina's at Maurice. Her mom is now Tanealya's boss at the pre-school that she works at. Any way, I donated a cake certificate to Special Olympic's fundraiser in February and Stephanie won it and used it for her baby shower. She wanted a jungle cake but hats monkeys. She also wanted a lion on top with palm trees. So, this is the cake she got. The top layer is white vanilla bean, second layer is lemon with huckleberry filling, and the third layer is my famous chocolate cake with fudge filling.

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Oergel said...

Yummy - love your photo!

Tracie said...

Super cute cupcakes and cake. I love the picture of you!