Monday, March 28, 2011


Even though the post shows Prom 2011 pictures it all started as a Cinderella story on March 15. I was getting Tanealya ready for her Bosses Dinner (she got the employee of the year award at this event) when she asked me if I had seen Taylor's Dress. She said Taylor was so pretty in her dress and that she was going to the Prom. Then she told me she wished she could have gone to a Prom. It broke my heart, so I told her mom. Her mom suggested she ask Trevor if he wanted to go to a Prom with her. He said yes. Since Trevor's family has no money for him for this event he needed a fairy godmother. Abracadabra one fairy godmother appeared. I took them Saturday to the tux rental place. Before we arrived, I called and told the clerk what was happening and he was not to be given a bill. When Trevor tried on the shirt, he said, "I look like a waiter at Bories". But when he put the entire outfit on he smiled and replied, "Nice." Tanealya said he looked so nice that she wanted to cry. Now for a dress-Abracadabra, I just happen to have a blue dress that fit Tanealya like it was made for her. Okay off to the jewelery store for bling. Flowers came next. Despite the fact that the fairy godmother got a third degree burn, magically she waved her wand and 4 corsages and one boutonniere appeared. Now how do we get the couple to the dance. Abracadabra, a driver appears. Taylor and her friends decided to take them to the prom. What great girls! They didn't have to do this but they did. Okay now just about everything is taken care of. Oh, a carriage is needed. Abracadabra, Nana's white van appears. But Taylor is warned that at midnight it will turn into a pumpkin. Now dinner and a place to have it. Abracadabra a wave of the wand and the dinning room magically turns into a very elegant restaurant. And a fancy dinner appears complete with a maitre d', server, chief, photographer appear. I fix Tanealya's hair, do her nails, help her get dressed. Jerry picks up the Tux and gets it to Trevor. Then at 5:45, picks him up and gets him to our house. Everything is set for their big night. And so the magical night begins.
PROM 2011
The menus, ticket, and place card all to match the theme, "Old Hollywood".
Tanealya and Trevor get their pictures taken while they wait for the other to arrive.
The girls arrive. Time for a group photo.
The girls are escorted into the waiting area where they are presented with their flowers
On to dinner. The room is decorated with lights, candle, china, special centerpieces, menus and place markers. Note in the next few pictures the girls dresses turn white. Why? They used their napkins as bibs and the table cloth as napkins. Clever girls.
Next the maitre d' served wine (sparkling cider), the chef even helped serve.
They were served by course. Appetizer: shrimp cocktail, mozzarella sticks. Salad: House salad with vinegerette dressing and bread sticks. Entree: Tim the chef prepared a seafood medley, chicken and pasta with Alfredo sauce, green beans, and garlic toast. Dessert: I made New York Cheese Cake with strawberries and chocolate sauce.
They all retired to the living room stuffed.
They then pose for more pictures. I just love the shoe for the evening, flipflops, boots, tennis shoes. Riley and Aiden joined the party after a movie with Tavein.
This picture isn't real clear, but I had to include it. Taylor called it her airbag
So off to the prom. Taylor said that when she picked up Trevor and Tanealya after the prom he was a true prince, he put his coat around her so she wouldn't get cold. This truly was a night that fairy tales are written about. I'm so glad we could make it happen for them. A night to remember.


Tracie said...

That is a great story! Made me tear up a little :-) You guys are so great to do that for Tanealya. She truely deserves it..what a great family we have!

Tracie said...

The pictures are beautiful! You really did a great job putting all of that together for them. As always you made another event so special.

Oergel said...

Cinderella story for sure! Love the story and the photo's. Tanealya and Taylor are beautiful girls and special sisters. What a night!! Lucky girls to have such a great family.