Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three Cakes

What a week!! This week I had three cake orders. I normally only do one, two at the most but the stories made it impossible to turn down the last two cakes. Lily's cake was the first one ordered. The grandmother wanted her daughter to have a baby shower and a cake to match the nursery. This is her first grandchild. The next cake was for a woman who was turning 78. Her daughter told me that they didn't know how long she was going to be around because she was fighting cancer. When she asked her mother what kind of cake she wanted she said, " Just get me a white cake from Albertson's." Her daughter wanted a special cake for her. So she called me. Next, came a call from Florida. It was from a mother who's son had just been stationed at Malmstrom and they were having her first grandchild. They are having a SKYE (over the internet) baby shower for them and she wanted a surpise baby shower cake delivered to them. Thus, the baby bootie cake. Kow here is the odd part, all three were girls and all three had purple in them. What are the odd's.
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Oergel said...

All three are works of art - beautiful job!

Tracie said...

Those look great! Wow...three cakes at one time! That's need to get a staff to help you :-)