Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mckenzie and Doug's Wedding

This wedding was the son of one of Jerry's installers. The wedding took place at Fairmont Hotsprings. What a great place to have a wedding. We were invited to the wedding and I cut the cake. It was fun to be at the wedding and see the bride and groom's expression when they saw the cake.
This is the top of the cake. When Mckenzie and I talked she told me her colors and I told her I would make a flower topper for her cake. When we arrived at the wedding I saw the bridemaids' flowers and they were almost identical. The only difference was that they had a few white daisies among the puple and green flowers.

This is Mckenzie and Doug cutting their cake. I had to tell Mckenzie that it was okay to cut the cake because she said if she cut it she would ruin it. Well she cut into it and all went well. They each did the traditional feeding of the cake to each other.

Cake on receiption table.
The wedding was great and we had a relaxing weekend.Drove to Bozeman and visited with Aaron and went and saw the giant elephant made of tires.
I even got a picture of the sleeping giant on the way home.
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Oergel said...

Great cake! Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the elephant.

Tracie said...

Nice shot of the sleeping giant. I forgot all about that until I saw your picture...oh the memories of the drives :-) Beautiful's always fun to see the bride and groom too. Love Ya!