Friday, September 17, 2010

Is That White I See?

Today is September 17th. Yes. what you see is snow. This is the earliest it has snowed that I can remember.
Aiden was so excited when he saw the snow. He found gardening gloves and his red hat. So I got him dressed and wouldn't you know it, he has to go to the bathroom. I can remember getting all the kids dressed and of course someone would have to use the bathroom. Well I got him redressed and outside he ventured. The first thing he asked was how do you catch snow. I told him to stick out his tongue.

He really did catch some snow. But he figured it was easier to get a taste of snow by just eating it. The garden gloves are stained but clean so he got clean snow. The first snowfall is the tastiest.

This is the patio table. I couldn't resist writing in the snow. The snow was quite unexpected. It lasted most of the day.
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Even though I hate to see snow so early, I really was expecting an Indian Summer, Aiden and I enjoyed the first snow fall of the year. What ever happened to global warming? I feel more like we are entering an Ice Age.


Oergel said...

Yikes - I'm barely ready for fall! I will bring my houseplants back in today - thanks for the reminder. Mother Nature and Jack Frost certainly do travel to the beat of their own drum.... the fresh white snow is rather pretty.

Tracie said...

Wow...I was surprised to see snow on your blog! It does seem so early. You didn't even have time to bring the BBQ in. Oh my! Hope it doesn't blow this way; I'm just not ready for that yet.