Friday, September 11, 2009

Trip to the Park

Sunday we continued our adventure. This time the road lead to the park downtown. First we check out the water fountain. They were very impressed how it worked.

Then we walked over to the wagon slide. They loved climbing up the tall ladder and then sliding down.

Then they wanted to play on the blocks and have their picture take. Don't you love the pose.

When we got to the park we passed by the carousel. Emma and Marcus were quite take by it and wanted to ride. Olivia keep insisting that she didn't. But after we finished playing on the blocks Olivia was the one who suggested we go ride the horses. They had fun and wanted to do it again when the ride stopped.

It was a prefect day and we all had lots of fun hanging out together and playing. Thanks Olivia, Emma, and Marcus for sharing your weekend with us.
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Tracie said...

Thanks for taking them to the park Mom & Dad. We haven't done that in a long time...I know they loved it because they keep asking when we are going back. What a perfect weekend you guys had.