Sunday, September 27, 2009

Batman Cake

Every cake seems to have a story behind them. This one is no different. I got a call from the father asking if I could make a dairy, egg free cake. His little boy is turning 4 and never has had a birthday cake because of his allergies. Well this year he will. This cake is called a depression cake. It is the recipe used during the depression when eggs and milk was scarce. The father is so excited that he called and said he went to the local party store and got all kinds of batman birthday decorations.
As you can tell the little boy loves batman. So the theme of the cake is all about batman. I can't wait to deliver this cake.
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Tracie said...

Super cute! I can't wait to hear the end of this story. I just love how these cakes have such an impact on your customers.

Tracy said...

Amazing! I love seeing these. I'm going to Google the recipe tonight for a girlfriend's baby with allergies.

Are we there yet? said...

Wow, your cakes constantly amaze me and my coworkers! What a lucky little boy!