Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tomato Plants

My tomatoes are doing great. This picture shows
them at 4 feet about two weeks ago.
We built this raised bed with a lattice
back about two years ago. Tomatoes just weren't
doing well with all the wind we get. This solution sure helped.
The garage provides both
wind protection and heat for the plants.

This picture was taken Sunday.
Two of them are about 7 feet tall.
As a result they were bending over.
Solution? Build something to
keep them standing and give them more support as they continue to grow.

The big tomatoes are getting large. Can't wait for them to turn red.
Time to start getting out all the tomato recipes.
Hope your gardens are doing as well as mine.
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Tracie said...

Great looking tomato plants Mom! Ours are looking pretty good this year too. We also planted them along the garage and they are huge...must be something about the garage :-) Can't wait to see your tomato recipes...we usually just do a ton of tomato sauce.

Oergel said...

Your garden looks amazing! I love your trellis within a trellis idea. Thanks for sharing.

Are we there yet? said...

What awesome tomato plants!! We plan to start a garden next year. Thank you for the great trellis idea!

Tracy said...

Our tomato plants are pathetic. Your's look delicious!

Thank-you so much for all of your kind comments lately. They keep me going. I wish that I was eating one of your cakes today!