Friday, August 21, 2009


Just a preview of what I do to prepare for one of my cakes.
These flowers took three 8 hour days to make and another
8 hour day to assemble. All the flowers and leaves are hand
sculpted out of sugar paste.

Here are some of the flowers I make before they are put together
on a cake or to make a topper for a cake.
This is a topper for a rehearsal dinner cake. The bride didn't want a
formal wedding cake but the groom's mother felt it was important to have a cake.
The groom's mother wanted a field of wildflowers for the cake since the
wedding will be in a meadow.
There are three of these flower sets to place on the side of the cake.

Picture of cake will be posted September 4th.
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Oergel said...

WOW! How beautiful perfect wildflowers. I can't wait to see the cake.

Tracie said...

So pretty! You are so talented! I tell EVERYONE how creative and talented you are. I'm so excited to see the cake! Can't wait to see you this weekend too! The kids are pretty excited too, they are counting down the days. Love Ya!

Tracy said...

Those are simply amazing. I love the colors also. Beautiful job.