Monday, July 27, 2009

Wonder Pet Cake

Aiden's Birthday has finally arrived.
July 24, 2009 Aiden turned 4.
That is so hard to believe.
It seems like it was just yesterday that he came into our world.
The cake of Aiden's dreams.
A Wonder Pet Cake just for Aiden's 4th birthday.
Wonder Pet's are his favorite characters. We don't go anywhere without his singing their song. Aiden's loves the Wonder Pets and when asked what kind of cake he wanted, he asked for the Wonder Pets.
Of course with all the cakes I have been baking Aiden has developed a taste for fondant. So I made the boat out of cake covered with fondant just for him.
All the animals and flowers are made of fondant.
The animals that the Wonder Pet saved came to say Happy Birthday.
WOW its a Wonder Pet Cake.
Just what Aiden asked for every time he watched me bake a cake for someone else. Look at his expressions. They say it all.
Aiden is so darn patient. Riley insisted on lighting the candles and seemed to have a little problem with the lighter. Mom came to the rescue and Riley got the candles lite. Then poor Aiden had to wait for everyone to sing Happy Birthday.
Wow. It really is just for me!!
Presents, presents, and more presents.
Aiden read all his cards and enjoyed opening every present. Aiden is one of those kids that takes his time and enjoys every minute. So present unwrapping takes a long time. Then off to the front porch were his last present waited. A brand new bike.
Aiden on the trampoline and in the jolly jumper. He had a great day.



Tracie said...

The cake is amazing once again! Happy Birthday to Aiden...looks like it was a good one.

Oergel said...

Aiden is a pretty lucky 4 year old to get the cake of his dreams - fabulous job decorating!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Aiden!!!
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Are we there yet? said...

Your cakes truly blow me away! They could be on the food network!