Thursday, October 11, 2012


July was Tavein's wedding month. We spent most of the month re-landscaping the back yard. We took down the decks and put in a patio, re-sodded the yard, put in some new garden's, and a corner deck.
Aiden and Jared removed the old bricks for the patios.
Aiden brought everyone glasses of water. The weather was very hot.

Tavein and Jared were a great help. They removed rocks, sod and helped anyway they could.

They even helped lay the sod in the backyard. With their help we managed to get it all in in one day.

New gardens.
New planter and deck.

New patio. The backyard turned out great.

We celebrated the 4th of July by attending the parade.Jaxon's stroller was all decorated. He took first place in a contest on the base the day before.

Tavein and Jaxon dressed in red. Jared had to work so they went with us.

Even Aiden came to the parade.

Black Hawk flew over.

Sabrina and her family joined us.

Tanealya was in the parade.
Jaxon had a great time.


trax said...

Next July you are welcome to give my yard a make over :)

Oergel said...

Looks like Yardcrashers visited Great Falls! The backyard turned out great. Love all the photo's.

Tracie said...

Love the updates...can't wait to see the wedding photos :-)