Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week End With Jaxon

We had Jaxon this week-end. He is a very busy little boy. He likes to read If Your Give A Mouse A Cookie. 
Play in his walker even if he can only go backwards. 
Have Papa feed him his bottle. 
Take a nap on Nana. 
Pose in his outfit from Jared's mom. The outfit fits his personality just perfect. 
Watch Papa work in the yard. 
Take another nap, he does sleep a lot. 
Play with Papa. Jump in  His jumper. He can really jump high,Chew on his favorite toy.
And read the Sunday paper. 
He has been a very busy boy. And it's only Sunday morning. 
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Tracie said...

He is such a cute baby! I just can't get enough of him :-) Looks like a good time with Nana and Papa.

Oergel said...

Lucky Nana and Papa spending time with Jaxon! Love the duck shoes!
I didn't know they still made walkers - I remember my kids loved running around in theirs!