Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween at our house is one of my favorite times of the fall. The kids arrive in costume for our annual party.

Taylor was running late. But showed up as Myle Cyrus.
The kids love the donut eating contest.

And of course we had to bob for apples.

We had lots of fun making ghost suckers, marshmallow suckers, caramel apples while we waited for dinner to cook. 

The house is all decorated. Complete with cobwebs.
Table is set for dinner. This year we had meat drained of its blood by the vampire. Mashed brains with bats milk. Graveyard greens from spooky graves. Fingers and toes coated with dryed blood. Cobweb and spider dessert. Blood red punch. (Roast beef, mashed potatoes, candied carrots, salad, white chocolate pudding, and cranberry punch)

This is the front entrance. I got creative this year and stacked pumpkins and put lights inside and a witches hat on top.

My favorite decoration this year are the pumpkins on the front street lights.

Happy Halloween to all!!!


Oergel said...

Amazing, amazing. Love all the decorations and your dinner sounds perfect. Thanks for posting - you make a cute witch!

Tracie said...

Very cool! You always put on a great party! Wish we lived closer so we could be a part of it kids would LOVE it!