Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jared Leaves

So the life of a military wife brought a new duty to Tavein. She is now a deployed military member's wife. She went to the airport this morning to see Jared off as he left for New Jersey for training before heading to Afghanistan. He will return in September for two weeks and then off to Afghanistan for about 7 months. 
She really wasn't as bright and chipper as usually. Not because she was up a 3:00am, but because it hit her that she was saying good-bye to her husband.
As usual our Jared is upbeat. Trying to stay strong for Tavein.
Spouses saying good-bye at the airport is really common these days. I'm sure there will be many of these days in her life. Being a military wife isn't easy. One day you have a partner to share all the ends and outs of a marriage and family and the next you are a single mom trying to keep the home-fires burning while your spouse is off fighting for the counties freedom.

Visiting with others who are leaving. Tavein did her part well trying to be strong and give support.

A final hug and kiss as she bids Jared farewell. Our love and prayers go with you Jared. And our support and love for Tavein will remain constant as we help her get through this.


Oergel said...

These photo's brought back memories of my parents life. We were stationed all over the world with the Air Force - Mom did a lot of the child raising. Tavein will do a great job too! We hope time goes quickly for Jared and Tavein.

Tracie said...

Thanks for sharing...Tavein will do wonderful! She is stronger than we know and handles herself so well. Sending thoughts and prayers your way!