Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy Week

Emma would of loved this week. It was like a Cake Boss Week. This was a very busy week. I had 1 wedding which I did the centerpieces and the cake. Plus I had a graduation, birthday, and christening. The christening cake has the best story to go with it. A year ago a little girl by the name of Sidney died from aides. A few months after Sidney's death a dragon fly flew into the kitchen and settled on the mother's shoulder for a while. Then flew back out the door. That night the mom had a dream where Sidney had come to her and told her she was going to have a little girl and her name was going to be Valentina. Valentina is now two weeks old. The parents are convinced that Sidney is a dragonfly and will look over Valentina.
The wedding cake. A night mare. The flowers for this cake was suppose to be real. But when I pick them up from the florist they were awful. I couldn't put the flowers on the cake. So I ran to Joanne's in hopes of finding flowers. I had bought all the Calla Lilies in town to make the center pieces. In fact, I even called Tracie to see if she could find some in Spokane.Which she couldn't. Thanks Tracie for trying. But I was lucky they had just enough of the materials that I needed to make the flowers for the cake. With only three hours before delivery, a sheet cake still to frost and 2 other deliveries I must say the cake is beautiful. The bride was blown away when she saw her cake.

The lady bug cake was a hit. The mom said it was better than what she had envisioned. The graduation cake was for Dawn's brother who graduated from Kalispell and the family was celebrating it here. It was a busy, busy week.


Oergel said...

Amazing cakes! Love the dragonfly story and the Lily wedding cake is amazing - super pretty!

Tracie said...

Nice job Mom! Sounds very stressful! All the cakes turned out beautiful though and the center pieces looke nice too. Sorry I couldn't help with this one...maybe next time?