Saturday, May 7, 2011

Three Cakes

Each of these pictures has their own story.

The first cake was made for a bridal shower. The bride is from Idaho, but her family lives here. The maid of honor and two of her friends gave the shower. The first shower was originally planned for March and was to be a black, red, and white moulin rouge theme. But, Bridezilla, as her maid of honor has called her cancelled. So the next date was set for April. Again the Bridezilla cancelled. So the next day was May 6th and the Bridzilla changed the theme. So, two weeks before the 6th the maid of honor calls and asks is I had May 20 open. I had to tell her no and she hung up on me. Ten minutes later she called back, apologized and told me she was so excited about telling the Bridezilla that she couldn't change the date of the shower. So the shower was set and a new theme was decided upon. When I delivered the cake after everyone oohed and awed over the cake, one of the friends, she was blonde, asked what happened to the red, white, and black theme while she was placing pink,blue and purple napkins on the table. The maid of honor gave her a strange look and said lets not go there. I feel sorry for the maid of honor because the bride is her husband's sister.

The next two cakes are going to the same party. The cupcake cake is a graduation cake for a young lady graduating from UGF this weekend. She loves cupcakes so the topper is, you quested it, a cupcake. The other cake is for her dad who is turning 40. Her mom already turned 40 and this cake is pay back for her surprise party that he threw. Needless to say, the cake will be a surprise because he thinks they are renting the VFW to celebrate his daughter. The hall will be divided, on one side will be the graduation party and on the other side his 40th birthday party. If you haven't guessed, he is a fowl hunter. Sounds like it will be a fun night.
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Oergel said...

Loved your bridezilla story! The cakes are lovely.