Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

The house is decorated inside with cobwebs, spiders, and mice all over the house.
And outside with all the lights, scarecrow, bats, spiderwebs, and pumpkins.
The kids arrive for our traditional Halloween Party. The party begins with games and crafts. Riley won the doughnut eating contest as well as the apple dunking contest. Aiden gave the apple dunking a try but decided that he didn't want to get his nose wet. Then we made punch and of course it had to have dry ice in it so they could blow the smoke. Then on to making all the goodies.
They made chocolate ghosts and pumpkin suckers, Carmel apples, cupcakes, spiders and witches hats. Aiden made a puppy on his cupcake all by himself. My cake decorating techniques must be rubbing off on him.
Then we sat down for our traditional dinner together. The kids choose worms with eyeballs (spaghetti and meat balls) fingers (carrot sticks with almond for fingernails) garden greens, mud pie with worms(pudding and gummy worms and Oreo cookies) and bats blood to drink (cranberry punch). It was a great meal and a great party. We had lots of fun. Aiden had so much fun that he wanted to start all over.
Papa even joined us for this photo. He is the sheet in the back wearing the witches hat.
The end of a great Halloween.
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Tracie said...

Looks like another fun Halloween. Man I wish we were there!!!

Oergel said...

What a great day for everyone - love the costumes!

Trax at Home said...

Wish you were too.