Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary Sabrina and Tim

Another cake and another celebration and a Special Moment.
Today is Sabrina and Tim's 17th Anniversary. No, You are not seeing double. Sabrina wanted a white cake with strawberry filling. I didn't have any strawberry filling so she got a white cake with raspberry rhubarb filling. Tim wanted chocolate. So Tim got a chocolate cake. I can remember the hot pink and pale pink dresses. The Cinderalla wedding and the great reception that family and friends helped with. I remember how pretty Sabrina looked as her dad walked her down the aisle. I remember how Tim looked at her and still does. With so much love in his eyes. I'm so glad they took the chance on each other. They are a great couple.
It really doesn't seem that long ago that they got married. But I guess it was because we have had a marriage, 4 college graduations, 7 grandchildren, and numerous celebrations. Lots of activity in the past 17 years that have made us laugh, and cry. But all in all we just keep taking one day at a time and doing our best with what ever comes our way. That's what makes us a great family. Glad you joined our family Tim. Congratulations to you both. We love you.
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Tracie said...

You summed it up well. Happy Anniversary Tim and Sabrina...I rememeber that hot pink dress all to well too :-) It was a beautiful wedding. Love you all!