Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas continues at Tracie and Marc's

Over the river and through the woods we went to celebrate Christmas with Tracie and her family. We spent an entire week with the kids because daycare was closed. We had a great time and enjoyed being with the Tracie, Marc and the kids. We arrived on Sunday night presents in hand.

Christmas Presents.

During the week we did some crafts with the kids while Marc and Tracie were at work.

The kids painted and glittered picture frames. They all did a great job.
They were so much fun to watch as they painted and glittered their creations.

The kids enjoyed making snowflakes.
Marcus really got into putting on the glitter.
When we finished Tracie's house SPARKLED.

We spent New Year's Eve with Tracie and Marc and New Year's Day we went to Selah to visit Jerry's family. Mom made us a wonder lunch and then we went and spent some time with Chip. It was a great day. That night we returned to Spokane.

Spent Saturday shopping and having lunch at Olive Garden (Thanks Tracie and Marc for the gift).

Sunday we had to head back home.
The weather was great compared to last year.
Last year we followed snow plows.

This year we had clear roads and no snow plows.

Thanks Olivia, Emma and Marcus for a great week.
We had lots of fun playing with you.

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Tracie said...

Thanks again for taking care of the kids...and yes, my house did sparkle...still does :-) But I love it! That's what having kids is all about! They had a ball and can't wait to see you again!